Your Rights

Getting an Estimate

Many people are under the false belief they MUST get several estimates of repair. Generally, this is not true. Unless your policy states otherwise, no one can tell you to obtain more than one estimate. You, as the car owner, have the option to do so if you wish.

Choosing a Repair Shop

It’s your car and you can choose where you want to have it repaired. Unless your policy states otherwise, choose a repair shop that you trust and wish to do business with. No matter where your car is repaired, you are entitled to proper repairs from the shop and the proper compensation from the insurer. Choose a shop carefully, make sure they have the proper repair equipment and their staff technicians are certified. Industry accepted are I-CAR and ASE.

After the Accident

Take your vehicle to the repair shop of your choice. Give the owner/manager your insurance information and ask them to call your insurance company and advise them as to the damage. You should also contact your insurance company and advise them where the vehicle is location.

Whose Fault and Who Pays

Generally, if the accident is your fault, your insurance will cover you, your vehicle and the other party and their vehicle. If it wasn’t your fault, the other parties’ insurance company should cover you and your vehicle; so, try to collect from the other party because you will not have to pay a deductible. Remember that if you use the other person’s policy, you could be entitled to a rental car. In addition, if the accident was not your fault, it should not be charged against your policy.